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Formation of nano-emusions with antioxidative plant extracts by ultrasound and use of these emulsions in meat products


Food and consumer protection

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Food and consumer protection

Project code: MRI-FL-08-223
Contract period: 01.09.2009 - 31.12.2015
Purpose of research: Applied research

Spice extracts with antioxidative effect should be used in the form of nano-emulsions, made by means of ultrasound, in meat products for the stabilisation of the unsaturated fatty acids during the storage. The physical properties of the nano-emulsions are to be determined. The antioxidative effect in meat products is examined in comparison to controlling tests. The objective of the project is to allow by decrease of oxidation processes, healthy, innovative meat products with a high sensoric quality. The project will be realized by a close cooperation between Max Rubner-Institute Kulmbach, The Gorbatov`s All Russian Meat Research Institute Moscow. The results of the investigation of the microstructure of the emulsions showed the production of stable and homogeneous nano-emulsions was possible using ultrasonic treatment of the oily plant extracts (rosemary, oregano, thyme, pomegranate and raspberry seed). The application of the substances with bactericidal and antioxidative effects in the form of nano-emulsions in meat matrix (cooked sausages and ham) proved to be very effective. The sensory quality, as well as the durability of the meat product, particularly cold cuts products in different packaging systems, could thus be improved. The results of the research into the production of nano-emulsions and their application in the production of meat products were implemented successfully at the Vologda Meat Packing Plant, Russia, in cooperation with the Gorbatov’s All Russian Meat Research Institute Moscow.

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