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Quantification of animal and plant species in meat (products)


Food and consumer protection

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Food and consumer protection

Project code: MRI-FL-08-4004
Contract period: 01.01.1996 - 31.12.2009
Purpose of research: Applied research

As it is possible to detect various animal and plant species in food stuffs by means of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), it is intended to adapt the available PCR-systems to real time PCR in order to quantify the different animal and plant species present in meat and meat products. By means of relative quantification systems based on the neuroglobine and beta casein genes it is already possible to perform a semi quantitative detection of goat tissue in meat products. In parallel the influence of the heat treatment from normal heating up to preserves for tropical use was investigated taking into consideration the reproducebility of quantification. Contaminantions can be very well differentiated from intentionally added amounts of goat meat to the products.

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