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Development of an innovative, marketable protein feed from local alfalfa for beef, pork and poultry feed


Production processes

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Production processes

Project code: EIP-Agri-Bay-2019-LPLGMT
Contract period: 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021
Budget: 388,077 Euro
Purpose of research: Applied research
Keywords: farming practice/ activity, farming equipment, animal husbandry, plant production and horticulture, marketing/supply chain

A new, marketable protein feed with a high concentration of protein from local alfalfa should be developed within the project. Studies have shown that the crude protein content in young plant parts and leaves reaches between 26 and 35 % whereas it reaches only between 14 and 18 % in the whole plant. To overcome the disadvantage of low nutrient density, it is planned to develop a new protein concentrate from alfalfa leaves as a marketable feed for monogaster and ruminants. The nutrient-rich plant parts are harvested by a special harvesting technique separately from the rest of the plant, pelleted to a nutrient-rich feed. The remaining plant remains standing in the field and drives out further sprouts or leaves. In the second cut, the entire alfalfa plant will be harvested after a short period of growth in order to gain new nutritious plant parts for the production of alfalfa structure bales (about 18 % CP) for ruminant feeding. The anti-nutritional substances present in alfalfa will be removed either through ensiling or adding molasses.

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